What would you do if you had to remake yourself after your husband became your wife?  Kristin Collier tells her story – at turns hilarious, at turns poignant – in beautiful prose that draws you into the journey of her family’s transformation. By the end, you forget that the story is supposed to be about gender identity – you’re so wrapped up in the humanity of the characters that you lose your inhibitions in Collier’s complex, messy, and graceful world. With wit and wisdom, Collier holds your hand, straps on her apron and leads you into the messy kitchen, where she cooks up a glorious tale of transformation, tradition, and triumph.

Story in UK’s The Independent: “She’s the most amazing person I know so why would I leave?”

Thanks to Rachel Hosie and The Independent for a sweet interview about Seda and I that ran this morning. Loved this line: “She began questioning her marriage, asking herself if the love could be real when the man wasn’t.“ “She’s the most...
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On CBS Bay Area KPIX

Loved doing this interview for KPIX San Francisco. Great questions and in-depth examination of issues that are at the forefront of the social justice movement. Watch, and...
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The Meaning of Family

Seda Collier was born a boy, married Kristin in the early 1990s and became a dad to two sons. Now, Seda Collier is a woman, after an emotional and medical transition that led the family to figure out how to go through such a major change and love each other through it. Kristin Collier wrote about her unique family and their experience with transgender transition in a memoir published in November, called “Housewife: Home-remaking in a Transgender Marriage.”

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Opening My Heart to Gender Transition

Originally published in UNITE Virginia Magazine, November 15, 2016 15 years ago, I thought I was open-minded, and perhaps I was. I had been raised by my mother and the school of hard knocks. After squeaking my way into college, I’d graduated with honors and a degree...
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Loving Through Genders Transparently

Changing the world for the better, one compassionate story at a time. Eleven years ago, I was in hiding. I was married to the man of my dreams, and we had an infant and toddler. I cooked, cleaned, and cared for our children daily, knowing that my concept of our family...
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An Oregon family’s journey through one parent’s transgender transition is the focus of a touching new memoir.       Housewife: Home-remaking in a Transgender Marriage takes readers into the Collier family’s incredible evolution, and shares how they...
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Kristin K. Collier is an educator and writer from Eugene, OR. Her words have appeared in The Sun magazine, and her poetry is a frontispiece for Michael and Kathleen O’Neal Gear’s People of the Sea. She has been teaching Compassionate Communication since 2004. Collier and her spouse were featured in NPR’s program, Snap Judgment, in their Valentine’s edition, 2012. Click to hear the episode. 

Housewife is an uplifting and beautiful story that shows us what it means to love unconditionally and be honest with both ourselves and others. This book will capture your heart.

— CAT J. ZAVIS, Empathic Communication Trainer and Executive Director of Network of Spiritual Progressives

In 2006, Kristin’s partner began transitioning from male to female. Her poignant memoir is punctuated by snapshots of daily family life: poetic instances that are sometimes shocking, sometimes heartbreakingly tender. Click below to view a gallery of images and the stories that go along with her family’s transgender journey.

My husband tells me that while I was at my mother’s, he wore a skirt all the time. It swished around his ankles as he danced up and down the hall, and my husband had an epiphany: he was meant to be a woman. Everything is clear. To him.

I want another baby. I’m afraid to have one with Fred because our family could be on the brink of extinction. I’m tempted to conceive before it disintegrates, so I can have one more child with this person I adore beyond reason.My inner stockbroker determines that it is not a wise investment to have a baby now. I decide to plan for a new dog instead.

The City of Eugene removes the exclusion clause and transpeople finally receive insurance for needed treatment. Seda’s surgery will be covered at 80 percent. She reads the letter at the picnic table then sets it beside her, staring out into the garden without a smile on her face. “Is it over?” she asks me, and she begins to cry.

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Book Launch a Smashing Success!

Thanks to our wonderful community, the book launch at Tsunami books on Nov. 20th gathered my near and dear and new friends, as well. Trinidad and Seda supported Richard in a catering vision that matched the nature of the story — fresh fruits and vegetables...
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Nonviolent Communication in Practice: Interview with Jack Hart

Thanks to my friend, Jack Hart, for a fantastic in-depth interview for his podcast NVCpractice.com . I loved diving into the exploration of my “need” for predictability and the bit about Trin giving me empathy he tacked on from a former call at the end....

What Do You Do When the Husband You Love Becomes a Woman?

Loved your questions, Maribel Garcia! Thanks so much for your shining review and thoughtful interview. This interview is from Book Club Babble: http://bookclubbabble.com/liiterary-lagniappe/what-do-you-do-when-the-husband-you-love-becomes-a-woman/ “I can’t do it...

Compassionate Communication

A big thank you to Orv Graham at WEZC in Clinton, IL for an interview especially about Compassionate Communication at the dawn of this new era, calling all of us to LISTEN and act with open-hearted courage. A big thank you to Orv Graham at WEZC in Clinton, IL for an...

A recipe for inner peace during unstable times

It’s such fun writing about how to survive and thrive in those early parenting years (and don’t we all have major transitions somewhere in there?). It pleases me greatly to see this work going out in the UK! Such sensible mummies. Thanks so much to Talya...

Letting Mother Nature share my load

This article originally appeared in TheBabySpot.ca. Read the whole thing here: http://thebabyspot.ca/letting-mother-nature-share-my-load-through-transition/ Thirteen years ago, the sun marched upward into the August sky as I leaned to pluck bright green leaves of...

Dinosaurs, bugs, castles and transsexuals

This review was posted by Jack Hart on Good Reads. See the original here: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/33799264-housewife?from_search=true When Kristin Collier’s husband revealed to her that he suffered what medical jargon names as “gender dysphoria,” she and...


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