It was a delight to be on the non-fiction panel at Barnes and Noble. Ben Brock did a fabulous job of lining up the literary group “Figure of Speech” from South Eugene High School to do a set of questions before the readings. We answered questions about process (“How do you deal with writer’s block?” Me: I take it on vacation and try to rekindle a love with my work!) to form (“Why does your book have poetry, blog posts, dreams, and snapshots amidst the narrative?” Me: So I could lead the reader on an integrated experience identical to that which I lived.) and even response to the work.

Best of all, a portion of the proceeds from those attending this event went to the literary club. This really raised B & N in my esteem, and I now count them as one of my local bookstores!

It was great fun to meet non-fiction writers who have put forth memoirs, childrens’ picture books, how-to’s on computer coding (she used us all in a demonstration; I was terrible!), and my personal favorite, Ruby McConnell who wrote A Woman’s Guide to the Wild: A Complete Outdoor Handbook. It was lovely to sit next to the humbly eloquent Ruby, but she had to dash off with a toddler who had had enough bookstore before I got her to sign my copy of her book!

I look forward to doing the Queer Women’s Lit panel at Barnes and Noble next month. Stay tuned for more info (follow me on FB for all my latest news:  and hope to see you there!