Thanks to our wonderful community, the book launch at Tsunami books on Nov. 20th gathered my near and dear and new friends, as well. Trinidad and Seda supported Richard in a catering vision that matched the nature of the story — fresh fruits and vegetables were arranged on a beautiful fir round gifted by a friend and accented by flavorful dips, dolmas, and tasty h’ors doeuvres. People came from as far as Albany and Bend to join the celebration, and the line of folks waiting to get their books signed stretched to the back of the room. Happily there was time for sweet connection with each and every one.

Transgender Day of Remembrance was also a bittersweet and memorable event with insightful speakers, inspiring music, and a sobering vigil. I feel blessed to have been a part and to have such a rich and meaningful event in our community. A big thank you to all who attended and helped with either or both events!

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