Katherine Davison, thanks for your thoughtful and thorough questions. I love how you explained our current family dynamic and about Seda being more emotionally available as a parent now than she was before transition.

‘He went from Daddy to Maddy’: Wife whose husband became a woman reveals how she coped with his transition and why they continue to live together with their kids… along with her new boyfriend

A wife has revealed the moment her husband of 12 years revealed he wanted to be a woman.

Kristin Collier, 44, from Oregon, US, had only recently given birth to their second child when her husband, Fred, told her they needed to talk.

3be1b31d00000578-4093430-image-a-4_1483668019621‘He admitted to me what he hadn’t wanted to fully admit to himself. He was transgender and wanted to live the rest of his life as a woman,’ the mother of two said.

Now Kristin has spoken to Daily Mail about how she came to terms with her husband’s shock revelation and transition to become a woman called Seda, and why they continue to live as a family – along with Kristin’s new romantic partner, Richard.

Full story, with photos: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-4093430/Wife-husband-confessed-transgender-wanted-woman-reveals-came-terms-transition-continue-live-kids-new-partner.html