I loved writing this piece for The Daily Caller because it asked me to synthesize my family and personal life with our current political atmosphere in a succinct post. What goes on in my head (having a transgender parenting partner) when I read the headlines these days? Well, let me tell you….

For many, the Trump administration’s reversal of federal policy on transgender bathrooms in K-12 schools brought the transgender experience to light. For me and my family, the transgender experience has been so long in the light that all of us own three sets of sunglasses. To put it bluntly, the transgender experience is ours.

I didn’t expect that to happen. Tired of living the dramatic life of a theater student twenty-five years ago, I opted for a predictable, domestic life and married a Wyoming cowboy. Unbeknownst to me, my nearly perfect husband had been hardwired as a woman which became clear twelve years and two kids into the deal.

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