It’s such fun writing about how to survive and thrive in those early parenting years (and don’t we all have major transitions somewhere in there?). It pleases me greatly to see this work going out in the UK! Such sensible mummies. Thanks so much to Talya and her top 1% UK parenting pro-blog, “Motherhood: the Real Deal”!

My little sister doesn’t yet have children of her own, and I notice that she has a great many more beefs than I do about how our mother raised us. Now that her maternal clock is ticking in overdrive, sometimes I wish I could impress upon her that mothering takes a LONG TIME, and in that duration of eighteen plus years, major change is going to rock the boat at some point. You can count on it.

In the face of such upheaval, our performance as parents and heck, even our values, are put to the test. Still, these are the times our children are likely to remember, just as we often look back on them with some dismay ourselves. But take heart! It’s possible to build healthy habits now in times of peace that will help us parent gracefully through those challenging times that are waiting just around the corner.

Here’s how I found out the hard way…

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