Another great interview with Rob! Love his questions, from the deeply personal to philosophical. The issues he raises lead us further along the road to compassion. You’re doing great work in the world, Rated LGBT Radio, and I thank you for including me! — Kristin

Welcome  to Rated LGBT Radio with Rob Watson! In this episode, Rob welcomes Kristin Collier, an educator and writer from Eugene, OR. Her words have appeared in The Sun magazine, and her poetry is a frontispiece for Michael and Kathleen O’Neal Gear’s People of the Sea. She has been teaching Compassionate Communication since 2004. Collier and her spouse were featured in NPR’s program, Snap Judgment, in their Valentine’s 2012 edition ( As well, Collier has been urban farming since 2005 and was a keynote speaker for the Eugene Permaculture Gathering in 2007.